Staff Resources

Acellus a How to Manual

Project Based Learning:


Project Overview:

Online Based Instruction


  • All students and teachers account through Roseville email accounts
  • Access to Acellus can only be gained through a specialized ID and password created by Acellus
  • Understanding the Menu Bar (at the top of the Main screen)

Menu Bar

  • Live Monitor
  • Classes
  • Students
  • Gradebook
  • Reports
  • Attendance
  • Special Lessons
  • Library
  • Curriculum

In detail

Live Monitor: A Real Time view of all scholars accessing the lessons and for all the Grades

Classes: Contains the list of all the Classes and all the students within each class

Can access all the names of the students but only an Admin can access their username and password or any other information about the students

Gradebook: A breakdown of all students based on a variety of modules. Accessible by Admin or Teachers

Reports: Accessible by Admin or Operation Staff

Attendance: Accessed by the teachers at the start of day

Special lessons: Accessed by the teachers to assigned specialized lessons to groups or individual students

Library: Contains a list of videos and materials that are contained with the lessons assigned by teachers

Curriculum: Contains the subject matter based on Grade level.

            Other: Contains the SEL Lessons


Google Classroom How To 

Project Based Learning:

Using Google Classroom

Project Overview:

Creating a Google Classroom and utilizing its tools


  • All scholar’s email will consist of/or First Initial and last name@
  • All Classroom were created with either the name of the rooms, Grade, and course
  • All Password for student’s account consist of the name of the class and the passcode of the class

Accessing the Classroom(s)

  • In the first splash screen, User will login with the email address supplied by Roseville and Password
  • Go to the Gmail account
  • On the right corner of the email view, there are 9 dots (Google Apps) click and there will be a slide window. With that window, there is an Icon named Classroom
  • Clicking it will open up the app and the name of the Classroom will be displayed
  • Clicking the Invite, the scholar will enter the classroom

Google Classroom Features

On the main screen the name of the class and the class code is displayed

At the bottom of the Banner, there is a public forum link that the Teacher and the Student can share pertinent information with all

 Top Menu (Stream/Classwork/People/Grades)

Stream: It’s the first window of the class where all data can be shared


Create: Utilized by the Teacher for creating classwork that will be submitted to all students

Google Calendar: Utilizing by the teacher, will be used as a time chart of tasks for the upcoming week

Class Drive Folder: Utilize for homework, projects by the teacher. By the student, handing in completed work

People: a list of the all students and teachers enrolled in the class

            An email can be sent to individual student

Grades: Grades submitted by the teacher for all handed and completed work


Google Hangouts a Visual how to: 

Project Based Learning:

Using Google Hangouts

Project Overview:

Utilizing Google Hangouts as an individual or group chat (Visual Instructions)

Accessing Hangouts Via Gmail

With your email account open

On the Left side of the window, at the bottom of the Inbox/Starred/snoozed…all the way to the bottom

Next to your name, click the + symbol

And this pop out menu will appear

At the top of this new window. Simply enter the full email of the scholar, e.g.


An invite will be sent to that scholar; it will appear within his Gmail as an invite from you.


To Create a Group chat/Class chat.


Click New Group


The first step you will accomplish is to name your group. I recommend naming by your class name…(Lincoln/UMD/Lehman)


Next where it says Enter name, email or phone…enter your scholar’s emails and as you find one, press enter and then you can add another email

When completed, click the Green arrow and your emails will be sent out.


**Of Note: I have disabled student to student Hangout request.