Superintendent's Message

Dear RCCS Families:

Dr Ledford

We are now in the third marking period of the 2020-2021 school year and are so excited about what we have left in store for your children! 

As you know, we are actively preparing for our April 14th reopening for Hybrid “In-person” learning to restart! As mentioned during our Parent Advisory Group Meeting on March 10th where we also celebrated our scholars’ mid-year progress through our “Donuts & Data” presentation, we will be sending another Parent Cohort Choice Survey the week of March 22nd. This survey will be another opportunity for you to let us know whether you are planning to have your child return to the “in-person” hybrid model of 2x per week (Cohort A or B) or remain fully remote (Cohort C). As a reminder, you always have the choice to select Cohort C, but Cohorts A and B are managed by the number of scholars within each to maintain CDC guidelines for social distancing within the classroom setting. Also mentioned as a reminder, Cohort A will remain on Mondays and Wednesday, Cohort B on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays will remain a full remote learning day for ALL cohorts. For our reopening plans, this means that only Cohort A scholars will arrive for in-person learning on Wed. April 14th when we reopen with the hybrid model. Cohort B scholars will come to school for their first day of in-person learning on Thurs. April 15th. As with all our Parent Cohort Choice Surveys throughout this school year, it will be sent via email as an e-survey and you will be asked to provide responses as soon as possible, to best plan for our in-person hybrid reopening!

Regardless of whether you choose to have your child return for in-person learning 2x per week or remain fully remote, we will continue to provide our scholars with the quality educational programming and experiences that they deserve! Upcoming events include, but are not limited to, Parent University workshops, virtual field trips to The Bronx Zoo and Liberty Science Center, Spring Music Concert, Field Day, Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony, and our Grade 4 Celebration of Excellence! We have so much left to learn and to do so we appreciate your ongoing support! 

Thank you to all of you who volunteered to serve as your child’s Class Parent this school year! We have something special in store for all of you, as well as, our parents who have served on a committee this year! We appreciate your support as we cannot do our best without you!  

Yours in Learning,
Dr. Ledford
Executive Director / Superintendent

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