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We are a community of learners who worked together to achieve our common goal of excellence.


We are expected to be truthful and trustworthy in all situations. We are honest and take responsibility for our actions and the outcomes they produce.


We are expected to strive for excellence in everything we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. Equally, our teachers provide the highest quality instruction and support.


Smart is something we can become through hard work and effort


Respect is a pathway to understanding, collaboration, and valuing ourselves and others.
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Information on The Newark Water Crisis

Newark residents who have old lead pipes pumping water to their homes will be eligible for free bottled water starting Monday after recent testing results questioned the effectiveness of the 38,000 filters distributed by the city to address its ongoing lead problem. On Sunday, Gov. Phil Murphy and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka announced eligible residents can pick up water at four locations beginning at 3 p.m. The action comes days after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urged the city to provide bottled water to affected residents and told officials it was “essential” to warn people not to rely on filters until more sampling was done. New testing results revealed two of three homes using nationally-certified filters were not removing lead as expected. It’s unclear whether the problem is an anomaly with those two filters or reflective of a wider problem.
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