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Core Values

Roseville Community Charter School is anchored in 5 core values that we refer to as CHEER:


We are a community of learners who work together to achieve our common goal of excellence. RCCS believes a strong sense of community and togetherness is vital to the success of all scholars and staff. As a collaborative community, we will work together to accomplish common goals and provide maximum support to scholars. Scholars will have frequent opportunities to engage in group work, learning the importance of team, and benefiting from the ideas of others. Scholars are encouraged to help one another and encourage their peers to be their best selves.


We are truthful and trustworthy in all situations. Scholars are taught to be honest and take responsibility for their actions and the outcomes they produce. At RCCS, we believe personal responsibility is absolutely central to scholars’ ability to thrive academically in high school and college, and must be taught and practiced in early childhood. While we provide a nurturing, structured environment in which scholars are held accountable for their actions, the ultimate goal is for scholars to be able to hold themselves accountable for their actions. This practice begins with learning to be honest and taking responsibility for mistakes. Our scholars are taught to be truthful in all situations and to recognize that mistakes are part of the learning process when we learn to own them.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. Equally, teachers provide the highest quality instruction and support. Our scholars are taught to see the best in themselves and strive to exceed ordinary standards. RCCS believes that children rise to the expectations set for them by the adults in their lives. Our scholars are held to high academic and behavior standards, and they are taught to believe they can meet the high standards we set for them. Our staff model excellence for scholars and encourage them to be their best selves in everything they do, and scholars are celebrated for excellence.


Smart is something you can become through hard work and effort. Scholars and staff at RCCS understand that “being smart” is the result of putting forth hard work and effort. We subscribe to the theory of efficacy – we can always know more, do better, and be smarter when we work hard and apply ourselves. Our scholars are taught the difference between I don’t know or understand how and I don’t know or understand how yet. We celebrate scholars for putting forth effort and encourage them to keep striving for excellence.


Respect is a pathway to understanding, collaboration, and valuing ourselves and others. RCCS believes that as scholars learn to value and respect themselves and others, they become open vessels to understanding a broad range of ideas and experiences that will enhance their ability to thrive academically and socially.