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At RCCS, we work together to teach children to take responsibility for their learning.  This is what we mean by the words “rigorous instruction.”  We do not expect our scholars to become memorizers of rote facts and information supplied by a lecturing teacher.  Instead, we expect that children will be actively engaged in their own learning, and that they will ask good questions that serve to push them further in their own thinking.  We require that our scholars become continual learners, developing the capacity to constantly challenge themselves as independent, critical thinkers.

Guided by the Common Core Standards, our curriculum programs include Eureka Math and Readers and Writers Workshop in grades K through 4.  Through ELA and Math, scholars are expected to problem solve, think critically, and justify and defend their knowledge and ideas. In Science and Social Studies, students are expected to explore, question, and explain their understanding of nonfiction information.

You should expect that your child will have homework every night for 60 to 90 minutes, including independent reading. Homework provides the opportunity for scholars to practice what they learn in class and to develop the critical study habits they will need in college.